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Can I run Elementary OS on a Legacy BIOS?


Hello everyone,,

I'm sorry I made another post so quickly, but I can not find any information for my question in the community or online.

When I used Rufus to make a bootable to flash drive of Elementary OS, I set my partition table to GPT because that is what my drives are set to. When I set RUFUS to GPT it only gives me the option to make a bootable flash drive with UEFI (non-CSM). This is a problem because my motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2 which is a legacy BIOS so the motherboard will not boot into the USB, it hangs on Validation DMI Pool (I think that is what it said). I was wonder if there was a way to install Elementary OS on a legacy BIOS. Thank you for any replies!

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