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  1. Hello everyone. Recently on Elementary os Freya (This weekend, in fact) after a dozen years on Debian (Until Lenny) and a passage for work on Windows. I turned to eOS, for its lightness, sleek design and because I have more the same desire as before, to put your hands in the grease to run any package on Debian (Although Debian probably evolve on that side), to compile his kernel, ... On the other hand I kept some habits, like to remove the software Ubuntu and software updater and to manage everything with a good source.list file and the terminal.
  2. Hello everyone,, I'm sorry I made another post so quickly, but I can not find any information for my question in the community or online. When I used Rufus to make a bootable to flash drive of Elementary OS, I set my partition table to GPT because that is what my drives are set to. When I set RUFUS to GPT it only gives me the option to make a bootable flash drive with UEFI (non-CSM). This is a problem because my motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2 which is a legacy BIOS so the motherboard will not boot into the USB, it hangs on Validation DMI Pool (I think that is what it said). I was wonder if there was a way to install Elementary OS on a legacy BIOS. Thank you for any replies!
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