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WIP - Windows Tiling - Déplacement de fenêtre

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This is still work in progress - Try it only if you understand what these commands do.

You have to install the build dependencies with:

apt build-dep gala

Install the elementary-sdk

apt install elementary-sdk

You have to clone my branch (this is my personal repo, so you have to trust me or look at the code):

git clone --single-branch --branch ctrl-drag-tile git@github.com:andreasfelix/gala.git

Build it: (instructions from https://github.com/elementary/gala)

cd gala
meson build --prefix=/usr
cd build

sudo ninja install
gala --replace &

Switch back to current version of gala with:

apt install --reinstall gala
gala --replace &

Some useful info is also here: https://elementary.io/docs/code/os-dev


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