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Found 2 results

  1. Avant de demandez de l'aide, allez voir ici: https://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/diagnostic Ça nous aidera bien et vous aussi par la même occasion... Remember: ElementaryOS, c'est avant tout UBUNTU ! Commencez vos recherche avec "Ubuntu" d'abord Plutôt que "Elementary OS ne démarre pas"... cherchez "Ubuntu ne démarre pas"
  2. Ubuntu 14.04 Troubleshooting Guide C'est It's F.O.S.S. qui a réuni cette compilation de tutos parfois très intéressants surtout pour les Newbies. De quoi occuper les longues soirées d'hiver au coin du feu tout en travaillant son Anglais... Entre autres: Getting started with Ubuntu 14.0414 New Features Introduced In Ubuntu 14.04 How To Upgrade Ubuntu 13.10 To Ubuntu 14.04 How To Create A Live USB Of Ubuntu 14.04 In Windows 7 & 8 Dual boot Ubuntu 14.04 with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 14 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 14.04 Fixing small nuances to make Ubuntu work properlyFix Adobe Flash Player Issue In Chromium In Ubuntu 14.04 Fix no sound issue in Ubuntu 14.04 Fix brightness control not working issue in Ubuntu 14.04 Fix Missing Sound Indicator Applet In Ubuntu 14.04 Fix no sound as HDMI set as default in Ubuntu 14.04 Fix Unity Freezes After Login In Ubuntu 14.04 Fix “Failed To Start Session” At Login In Ubuntu 14.04 Fix Missing System Settings In Ubuntu 14.04 Fix no wireless network in Ubuntu 14.04 Install various apps to enhance your Ubuntu experienceHow to install Spotify in Ubuntu 14.04 How to install Skype in Ubuntu 14.04 How To Install Java On Ubuntu 14.04 How To Install Tomahawk Player In Ubuntu 14.04 How to install Deepin music player in Ubuntu 14.04 Install Texmaker to use LaTex in Ubuntu 14.04 Install Remarkable markup editor to use markup in Ubuntu 14.04 Install Atom Text Editor In Ubuntu 14.04 Install UberWriter markdown editor in Ubuntu 14.04 Install SoundCloud In Ubuntu 14.04 Install Atraci YouTube player in Ubuntu 14.04 Install Copy cloud service in Ubuntu 14.04 Install Mega cloud storage in Ubuntu 14.04 Install new fonts in Ubuntu 14.04 How To Install Kodi 14 (XBMC) In Ubuntu 14.04 Some tricks you might have missedGet Google Now desktop notification in Ubuntu 14.04 Install Google App launcher in Ubuntu 14.04 Use multiple Skype accounts at the same time in Ubuntu 14.04 Disable Bluetooth at each startup in Ubuntu 14.04 Get rid of shutdown confirmation dialogue box in Ubuntu 14.04 Group Apps In Unity Launcher With LauncherFolders Keep History Of Notifications With Recent Notifications AppIndicator Update or upgrade Ubuntu offline Customize your Ubuntu 14.04 desktop and add some eye candy to itMake Ubuntu 14.04 look like Mac OS X Install weather applet indicator in Ubuntu 14.04 How to use Conky with GUI in Ubuntu How to get smartphone like weather widget via conky How to install themes in Ubuntu 14.04 Install Potenza icon themes in Ubuntu 14.04 Install Flattr icon theme in Ubuntu 14.04 Install Dalisha icon theme in Ubuntu 14.04 Best GNOME Shell themes for Ubuntu 14.04 How to install and switch themes in GNOME Shell Best applications to manage wallpapers in Ubuntu Install additional desktop environments in Ubuntu 14.04Install Mate desktop in Ubuntu 14.04 Install GNOME Shell in Ubuntu 14.04 Install KDE Plasma in Ubuntu 14.04 Install Cinnamon in Ubuntu 14.04 Install Budgie desktop in Ubuntu 14.04 Performance improvement guides for Ubuntu 14.04How to speed up Ubuntu How to speed up WiFi speed in Ubuntu How to reduce overheating in Ubuntu Linux Beginners specific tutorialsHow to manage startup applications in Ubuntu How to add or remove programs in Ubuntu How to delete a PPA in Ubuntu http://itsfoss.com/ubuntu-1404-troubleshooting-guide/ https://translate.google.com/
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